Nendo: Lime-pocket for Bombay Sapphire

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Japanese designer Nendo has created a cocktail accessory for Bombay Sapphire, the gin known for its beautiful sapphire blue bottle. It’s usual to add a twist of lemon or lime to gin cocktails like the gin and tonic and the Tom Collins. Nendo devised a silicon jacket for the citrus wedge to keep fingers clean and dry and provide a neat holder for the wedge once squeezed.

They made the jacket blue and added Bombay Sapphire’s logo to heighten brand visibility when the wedge is hinged into the edge of the cocktail glass. Since most spirits are clear, it’s always difficult to advertise the brand used in a particular cocktail. The lime-pocket is intended to solve this problem, stylishly and practically too.

2-nendo-lime-pocket-for-bombay-spahire 3-nendo-lime-pocket-for-bombay-spahire 4-nendo-lime-pocket-for-bombay-spahire 5-nendo-lime-pocket-for-bombay-spahire 6-nendo-lime-pocket-for-bombay-spahire 7-nendo-lime-pocket-for-bombay-spahire

all images courtesy of AKIHIRO YOSHIDA


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