Dsquared Restaurant Ceresio 7

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Ceresio 7, the highly anticipated restaurant location directed by chef Elio Sironi, opened its doors in September 2013 at the Penthouse level of Dsquared²’s Milan home, at via Ceresio 7. Dean and Dan Caten have been heavily involved with Milan-based studio Storage Associati for the architectural development and the layout, while for the interior design as well as décor-based accompaniments the designers have been working in synergy with Dimore Studio.

Ceresio 7 offers an innovative and all original experience for fine dining connaisseurs in Milan proposing an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Restaurant patrons can expect to be dazzled with dishes consisting of unexpected ingredient combinations and simple elements that preserve the restaurant’s traditional fundamentals.

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all images courtesy of CERESIO 7


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