Eigruob lamp by Nendo for Kartell

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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its iconic Bourgie table lamp, Italian plastic furniture specialist Kartell invited ten designers associated with the company to create tribute pieces for a special exhibition. For their contribution, Japanese design studio Nendo decided to work with two of the lamp’s most distinctive characteristics – its use of silhouettes and its transparency – rather than touching the original design itself.


Nendo created a new table lamp by inverting and rotating the Bourgie lamp’s silhouette, so that when two of the new lamps are lined up together, the space between them forms the upside-down silhouette of the Bourgie lamp. “Because our homage inverts both the lamp’s figure-ground relationship and our regular sense of up and down, we named the lamp Eigruob the designers told us.

3-eigruob-lamp-by-nendo-for-kartell-goes-bourgie-exhibition 4-eigruob-lamp-by-nendo-for-kartell-goes-bourgie-exhibition 5-eigruob-lamp-by-nendo-for-kartell-goes-bourgie-exhibition 6-eigruob-lamp-by-nendo-for-kartell-goes-bourgie-exhibition 7-eigruob-lamp-by-nendo-for-kartell-goes-bourgie-exhibition 8-eigruob-lamp-by-nendo-for-kartell-goes-bourgie-exhibition 9-eigruob-lamp-by-nendo-for-kartell-goes-bourgie-exhibition 10-eigruob-lamp-by-nendo-for-kartell-goes-bourgie-exhibition 11-eigruob-lamp-by-nendo-for-kartell-goes-bourgie-exhibition

all images © AKIHIRO YOSHIDA


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