Abandoned Silos in Montréal turned into Indoor Rock Climbing Gym

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Canadian firm Smith Vigeant Architects transformed the abandoned silos of the old Redpath sugar refinery in Montréal into a one-of-a-kind indoor rock-climbing facility.

The climbing wall formations within the main building actually resemble sugar cliffs, reminding visitors of the original function of the Redpath silos. These pure-white, angular climbing walls offer many different routes for both beginners as well as seasoned climbers.


The siding and outer metallic building envelope pay tribute to the industrial and monolithic character of this site, while the massive windows gaze far out onto St-Patrick Street. In long shafts, abundant natural light saturates the space, creating an effect of crevasses and voids on the climbing walls and revealing the interior climbing surfaces – a truly colorful heart at the centre of a metallic exterior.

4-allez-up-abandoned-silos-in-montreal-turned-into-indoor-rock-climbing-gym-by-smith-vigeant-architects 5-allez-up-abandoned-silos-in-montreal-turned-into-indoor-rock-climbing-gym-by-smith-vigeant-architects 6-allez-up-abandoned-silos-in-montreal-turned-into-indoor-rock-climbing-gym-by-smith-vigeant-architects 3-allez-up-abandoned-silos-in-montreal-turned-into-indoor-rock-climbing-gym-by-smith-vigeant-architects 7-allez-up-abandoned-silos-in-montreal-turned-into-indoor-rock-climbing-gym-by-smith-vigeant-architects 8-allez-up-abandoned-silos-in-montreal-turned-into-indoor-rock-climbing-gym-by-smith-vigeant-architects 9-allez-up-abandoned-silos-in-montreal-turned-into-indoor-rock-climbing-gym-by-smith-vigeant-architects



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