Transmission collection by studio deFORM for Kavalier Design

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Prague-based firm studio deFORM designed the transmission collection, a series of glass objects realized for Czech company KavalierTransmission Lights Sculpture has been designed to represent Kavalier’s know-how and technical production possibilities, especially glass welded connections. Transmission is made of prefabricated glass flasks originally used in chemical apparatus Spheres are now cut and welded in to a new composition. Transmission offers unpredictable and surprising lumino kinetic effects from any angle of view.


Transmission Chandelier is the younger brother of Transmission Light sculpture. Hanging this extraordinary light object from a ceiling creates a new perspective. The excellent quality of borosilicate glass Simax which is usually used for technical and laboratory products gives special features to the chandelier.


The idea behind the Air Table was to create a solid wood desk on invisible but strong base. Air Table is made of thick technical borosilicate glass pipes and high quality ash wood. Visually light table is connected by chemical apparatus connections which makes it rigid and stable.

04-transmission-collection-by-studio-deform-for-kavalier-design 05-transmission-collection-by-studio-deform-for-kavalier-design 06-transmission-collection-by-studio-deform-for-kavalier-design 07-transmission-collection-by-studio-deform-for-kavalier-design 08-transmission-collection-by-studio-deform-for-kavalier-design 09-transmission-collection-by-studio-deform-for-kavalier-design

all images © MARTIN CHUM


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