Pooh Table Collection by Nendo for Walt Disney Japan

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Japanese studio Nendo designed a table collection for Walt Disney Japan, based on the childhood cartoons ‘Winnie the Pooh and his friends‘. To reflect the stories’ setting in the ‘Hundred Acre Wood’, the tables use natural-feel maple extensively, and come in sizes and silhouettes intended to recall the stories’ characters. Coloured knit cladding on different parts of the tables subtly indicates each character through their distinctive clothes, hair and tails, and suggests that the tables are like stuffed animals, too.

2-pooh-table-collection-by-nendo-for-walt-disney-japan 1-pooh-table-collection-by-nendo-for-walt-disney-japan 3-pooh-table-collection-by-nendo-for-walt-disney-japan 4-pooh-table-collection-by-nendo-for-walt-disney-japan 19-pooh-table-collection-by-nendo-for-walt-disney-japan 5-pooh-table-collection-by-nendo-for-walt-disney-japan 6-pooh-table-collection-by-nendo-for-walt-disney-japan 15-pooh-table-collection-by-nendo-for-walt-disney-japan 13-pooh-table-collection-by-nendo-for-walt-disney-japan 14-pooh-table-collection-by-nendo-for-walt-disney-japan 8-pooh-table-collection-by-nendo-for-walt-disney-japan 9-pooh-table-collection-by-nendo-for-walt-disney-japan 10-pooh-table-collection-by-nendo-for-walt-disney-japan 11-pooh-table-collection-by-nendo-for-walt-disney-japan 12-pooh-table-collection-by-nendo-for-walt-disney-japan 16-pooh-table-collection-by-nendo-for-walt-disney-japan 17-pooh-table-collection-by-nendo-for-walt-disney-japan 18-pooh-table-collection-by-nendo-for-walt-disney-japan 20-pooh-table-collection-by-nendo-for-walt-disney-japan

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