The Never Empty Mug Collection for Starbucks by Nendo

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Japanese studio Nendo reinterpreted the Starbucks‘ classic white coffee mug adding a graphic to the base, so when the mug is drying or being stored upside down, it looks as though it’s actually full. The new collection plays with Starbucks’ view of seeing the world as half-full, never half-empty.

The mug will be available in three varieties – Americano, Latte and Caramel Macchiato – and will be released in Starbucks throughout Japan. The mug collection is being sold at Starbucks Japan shops starting march 19th, 2014.

2-the-never-empty-mug-collection-for-starbucks-by-nendo 3-the-never-empty-mug-collection-for-starbucks-by-nendo 4-the-never-empty-mug-collection-for-starbucks-by-nendo 5-the-never-empty-mug-collection-for-starbucks-by-nendo

all images © AKIHIRO YOSHIDA


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