Constell.ation: Lighting installation in Lisbon by LIKEarchitects

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Portuguese studio LIKEarchitects designed an ephemeral lighting installation for the gardens of the Presidential Portuguese Republic Residence. ‘Conste.llation‘ is materialized by a network of contiguous arches in red corrugated tube, illuminated by a LED lighting system, that delicately dances on the gardens, connecting spaces and crafting unexpected routes.


The arch – a primordial element in architecture – has the inherent power to create space (under, inside, etc.), and, at the same time, to build a physical relation between two places (between, inside, etc.) being related also to the idea of connection and unification. The installation was in place from December through to January — the red colour of the arches created an association with Christmas. It also helped the structures stand out against the greenery.

3-constell-ation-lighting-installation-in-lisbon-by-likearchitects 4-constell-ation-lighting-installation-in-lisbon-by-likearchitects 5-constell-ation-lighting-installation-in-lisbon-by-likearchitects 6-constell-ation-lighting-installation-in-lisbon-by-likearchitects 7-constell-ation-lighting-installation-in-lisbon-by-likearchitects 8-constell-ation-lighting-installation-in-lisbon-by-likearchitects 9-constell-ation-lighting-installation-in-lisbon-by-likearchitects 10-constell-ation-lighting-installation-in-lisbon-by-likearchitects 11-constell-ation-lighting-installation-in-lisbon-by-likearchitects 12-constell-ation-lighting-installation-in-lisbon-by-likearchitects 13-constell-ation-lighting-installation-in-lisbon-by-likearchitects 14-constell-ation-lighting-installation-in-lisbon-by-likearchitects 15-constell-ation-lighting-installation-in-lisbon-by-likearchitects 16-constell-ation-lighting-installation-in-lisbon-by-likearchitects

all images © FERNANDO GUERRA


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