Colorful Wind installation by Emmanuelle Moureaux for UNIQLO

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Tokyo-based architect and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux has created this colorful installation for the launch of UNIQLO’s spring item, “LINEN”. Linen’s breathable and cool feelings, its soft and supple texture, were expressed in the installation as the colorful and refreshing spring breeze.


The paper strands in 100 shades of colors are floating and swaying above the mannequins, giving the feel of standing in the spring breeze. The gentle swaying motion of the floating volume of colors is expressing the beginning of new season on the colorful wind.


Beginning from Ginza flagship store then to other flagship stores, like Fifth Avenue NY and 311 Oxford Street London, it is a simultaneous 26 global cities art installation in 8 countries (51 stores). It brings the pleasant beginning of spring to the world on the colorful wind.


The installation started at Ginza flagship store, on its façade and the glass case. The main glass case uses approximately 2,400 strands of 4.7m long colored paper in 100 shades.  Mannequins are placed under the floating volume of colored strands. With the fans placed on the floor, the paper strands lightly lift up into the air and gently sway above the mannequins. The mirrored ceiling gives overflowing effect of colors from the glass case into the store. For the façade, 100 shades of square paper fill up the 7m high board, where colors seem to float up into the air.

5-colorful-wind-installation-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-for-uniqlo 6-colorful-wind-installation-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-for-uniqlo 7-colorful-wind-installation-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-for-uniqlo 8-colorful-wind-installation-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-for-uniqlo 9-colorful-wind-installation-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-for-uniqlo 10-colorful-wind-installation-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-for-uniqlo 11-colorful-wind-installation-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-for-uniqlo



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