Adidas Brazucam Camera-Ball with 360 degree views

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For the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Adidas developed the Brazucam, an innovative camera-ball which captures 360° views through six different lenses.

This ball is currently traveling all over the world capturing videos of the best players, matches and pickup games. Adidas will be releasing a new episode from a different country each week and below is the trailer staring @brazuca, Xavi Hernandez, Dani Alves, Cristian Tello, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Manuel Neuer and Philip Lahm.

You can follow the journey on Twitter via @brazuca@adidasSoccer,#WorldCup.

2-adidas-brazucam-camera-ball-with-360-degree-views 3-adidas-brazucam-camera-ball-with-360-degree-views 4-adidas-brazucam-camera-ball-with-360-degree-views 5-adidas-brazucam-camera-ball-with-360-degree-views

all images and video courtesy of ADIDAS


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