Sliding Nature installation by Torafu Architects for Panasonic

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At Milan Design Week 2014 Panasonic presents its installation, Sliding Nature, designed by Japanese firm Torafu Architects, taking on the theme of the relationship between nature and man, between tradition and technology.

Panasonic’s project will be presented in the Feeding new ideas for the city exhibit at the University of Milan and is inspired by a classic concept in Japanese architecture, through the use of characteristic sliding doors made from either paper or fabric called fusuma or shoji, that wants to establish distinctive spaces as well as a harmonious relationship between the interior and the exterior of the home


Torafu Architects has an idea from which will arise many different perspectives projected towards charming panoramas, but also supports the pleasant flow of air, like lowering lighting to one’s liking.


At the center of the Cortile della Farmacia, Torafu Architecst studio has created a structure that evokes the quintessential features of a traditional home, delimited by large sliding doors.  The doors, painted in pure white, almost render this building abstract, as if representing the primordial idea of the home; a building with evanescent outlines in stark contrast with its backdrop of medieval architecture.


Upon the slowly opening of the doors, the home’s ceiling lights up and the interior of the home talks with the surrounding environment composed of LEDs, which resemble plants spread out in a field, and the flickering of the lights beneath the portico, seeming to want to replicate the rhythm of a gentle sigh, creating an ever-changing scene.


Sliding Nature is a home that “breathes” and wants to establish a new and dynamic relationship with nature, examining new possibilities in creating flexible spaces and different lifestyles by using sliding doors, like the opportunity to create different atmospheres using diverse inflections of light.


With this project, Panasonic wants to express its own commitment to design homes that are able to highlight the beauty of nature, while pursuing goals of energy efficiency by utilizing low-power electronics and technology in relation to renewable energy sources. A space in which the private becomes public; a home that opens up to the city; a place in continuing transformation that, through sliding doors, encourages a new relationship with nature.

7-sliding-nature-installation-by-torafu-architects-for-panasonic-at-milan-design-week-2014 8-sliding-nature-installation-by-torafu-architects-for-panasonic-at-milan-design-week-2014 9-sliding-nature-installation-by-torafu-architects-for-panasonic-at-milan-design-week-2014 10-sliding-nature-installation-by-torafu-architects-for-panasonic-at-milan-design-week-2014

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