House WZ2 by Bernd Zimmermann, Ludwigsburg

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German architect Bernd Zimmermann has recently renovated a three-family house from the 50’s near Stuttgart for a married couple, coating the exterior of the house with hundreds of funhouse mirrors.

While the exterior form of the existing building wasn’t allowed to change, the interior was completly converted. New Airspaces and galleries, which connect the different levels, create the favoured open living-structure. Existing windows were closed almost completly and replaced by new openings in roof and walls, with different sizes, forms and functions.


Both ceiling-high windows on the ground-floor can be wide opened, so that the living- and dining-area inside is getting a unity area with the front- and backyard. A large-sized skylight above the three-storied airspace, with a planted tree in it, provides an ideal natural lighting of the house.


At the outside the stainless steel covering, coherent on walls and roof, reflects the environment and wants the house to dematerialize, in order to adapt to the existing surrounding, without beeing subordinated to it.

4-house-wz2-by-bernd-zimmermann-ludwigsburg 5-house-wz2-by-bernd-zimmermann-ludwigsburg 6-house-wz2-by-bernd-zimmermann-ludwigsburg 7-house-wz2-by-bernd-zimmermann-ludwigsburg 8-house-wz2-by-bernd-zimmermann-ludwigsburg 9-house-wz2-by-bernd-zimmermann-ludwigsburg 10-house-wz2-by-bernd-zimmermann-ludwigsburg 11-house-wz2-by-bernd-zimmermann-ludwigsburg 12-house-wz2-by-bernd-zimmermann-ludwigsburg

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