Grid System by Ying Chang

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Royal College of Art graduate Ying Chang has developed a modular table system based on a gridded surfaces and translucent volumes. The project is set to challenge the automatic and habitual reaction to our everyday object’s forms and functions by re-examining aspects of the domestic environment, with a particular focus on the surface.


The unconventional form deviate from convention by introduce unfamiliar patterns of usability, which require the user to readjust their expectations and invoke encounters to find a way to relate to them in a personal and unique way.


This idea expressed through a system that consist of three basic component groups: base metal frame that will hold the mesh boxes with a series of multi-purpose accessories. The system suggesting a catalogue of possibilities to be explored by grouping or rotating the mesh boxes according to one’s own needs.

4-grid-system-by-ying-chang 5-grid-system-by-ying-chang 6-grid-system-by-ying-chang 7-grid-system-by-ying-chang 8-grid-system-by-ying-chang

all images and video © IAN BARTLETT


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