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A Closer Look at the House of Vans London

Category: Architecture Published on 23 Jan, 2015

Spread across five tunnels under the Waterloo Station in London, the House of Vans is a new mixed use creative venue for Vans enthusiasts and those interested in skateboarding culture.

Apos² office in Bangkok by Apostrophy’s

Category: Architecture Published on 22 Jan, 2015

In order to fulfill the need for additional work space for their increasing number of office members, Bangkok-based design firm Apostrophy’s has recently extended and refurbished their Thailand office.

Aesop Emporium Melbourne

Category: Architecture Published on 09 Jan, 2015

Melbourne-based studio KTA collaborated with .PSLAB and Aesop on the design of the newly opened Aesop store in the Melbourne Emporium, a precinct featuring a mix of local and international fashion, culture, food and art.

Absolut Atelier Stockholm by Form Us With Love

Category: Architecture Published on 09 Jan, 2015

Atelier is the brand home and Academy of Absolut Vodka in Stockholm. By aiming for a scenographic atmosphere, both by aesthetic and function, local design studio Form Us With Love has created a modular interior solution for Absolut Atelier.

Apartment H+M in Wien by destilat

Category: Architecture Published on 09 Jan, 2015

Austrian practice destilat has recently restored the Apartment H+M, a 130 sqm apartment in a classic Viennese old building on the piano nobile of a house that was built at the turn of the century.

Camarim Arquitectos extended a Lisbon apartment to include a Turkish bath

Category: Architecture Published on 08 Jan, 2015

Portuguese firm Camarim Arquitectos has recently refurbished and extended this bright and minimal apartment in Lisbon, Portugal. The architects client wanted to enlarge his 2-bedroom apartment and so he acquired 2 more apartments in the same building – one above and one on the side – with the aim of joining them as one with more generous and flexible social and intimates spaces.

Cheering Restaurant in Hanoi by H&P Architects

Category: Architecture Published on 08 Jan, 2015

Located at the center of Hanoi, Vietnam, Cheering Restaurant by local practice H&P Architects pays tribute to surrounding street life.

Skatepark in Reims by Planda + Constructo

Category: Architecture Published on 08 Jan, 2015

With its total surface of 2055 sqm, the new skatepark in Reims designed by Reims-based Planda and specialist skatepark firm Constructo, it’s one of the biggest skateparks in the North East of France.

A’ House in Tokyo by Wiel Arets Architects

Category: Architecture Published on 07 Jan, 2015

This compact dwelling designed by the european-based Wiel Arets Architects is nestled within the dense expanse of Tokyo, in Nishi-Azabu—a neighborhood characterized by narrow streets and traditional low-rise houses—which borders a park heavily visited during the spring, when the city’s cherry trees begin to bloom.

Hello House in Melbourne by OFF! Architecture  

Category: Architecture Published on 19 Dec, 2014

Features a large, white-brick wall featuring the word ‘HELLO’, the Hello House by Australian practice OFF! Architecture in collaboration with artist Rose Nolan offers a friendly getting to the passerby of Richmond, a suburb of Melbourne.

Pen Store Stockholm by Form Us With Love

Category: Architecture Published on 19 Dec, 2014

Pen Store is a new retail space in Stockholm, Sweden, that behaves like a shop, a gallery, an atelier and a supplier warehouse – a new brand experience, designed by Form Us With Love.

The Hague Suite Novotel by Constance Guisset

Category: Architecture Published on 19 Dec, 2014

For the new interiors of the new Suite Novotel in The Hague, Netherlands, Paris-based Constance Guisset started thinking the hotel as a home, bringing everyday comfort to a public place and offering open spaces to share. Suggesting intimacy and playing with formal languages, the space invites the host to let be enveloped by seats, lighting and objects, […]


Category: Architecture Published on 17 Dec, 2014

For the 25th annual ICEBAR, Maurizio Perron, Viktor Tsarski and Wouter Biegelaar created an explosion where sharp ice blocks shoot through the dome of ICEHOTEL.

Garage Loft in Arnhem by Studio OxL

Category: Architecture Published on 17 Dec, 2014

Dutch architecture firm Studio OxL trasformed an old carpenter’s workshop located in Arnhem, The Netherlands, into a daylight-filled loft that features a space for the owner’s electric sportscar.

Aesop’s store no. 100 by Snøhetta

Category: Architecture Published on 17 Dec, 2014

Aesop’s has unveiled its very first signature store in Oslo, Norway. The store, designed in collaboration with architecture studio Snøhetta, is the 100th Australian skincare brand’s boutique.  Inspired by the sensory experience of the Aesop consultation process, the architectural exploration began by revealing materials and surfaces that have been hidden and covered within the space, […]

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