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Sibirjak: Anastasiya Koshcheeva designs a Lounge Chair made of Birchbark

Category: Design Published on 16 Dec, 2014

Sibirjak by Anastasiya Koshcheeva is a modern lounge chair made of birchbark. The almost forgotten natural material is not only flexible, soft, water-repellent and antibacterial, but also breathable, durable and strong.

Tear Drop Chair by Keita Suzuki

Category: Design Published on 12 Dec, 2014

Keita Suzuki of Japanese design firm Product Design Center designed a chair made from all of the tears you will shed in a lifetime.

Massimo Uberti Neon Tubes installation for Bentley at Design Miami/ 2014

Category: Design Published on 05 Dec, 2014

Bentley introduces Bentley Elements, a new series of art and design commissions conceived by creative directors Campbell-Rey presented at Design Miami/ 2014. The first instalment in the series celebrates the element of Light, as interpreted by Italian artist Massimo Uberti.

Close Up installation by Sébastien Breton at Dubuc Montréal boutique

Category: Design Published on 04 Dec, 2014

As part of a creative partnership with the architectural firm B3, Canadian fashion brand Dubuc introduces Close Up, an installation by Sébastien Breton that integrates seamlessly into the Saint-Pierre Street boutique and beautifully complements the collections.

The MINI Story exhibition at the BMW Museum

Category: Design Published on 02 Dec, 2014

MINI has officially opened the doors of its temporary exhibition entitled “The MINI Story “ at BMW Museum in Munich, Germany.

Calvin Klein unveils Holiday Installation by Snarkitecture

Category: Design Published on 28 Nov, 2014

Calvin Klein has unveiled a special holiday installation by Snarkitecture on view in the windows of the brand’s Madison Avenue flagship store in New York City.

Vortex Light Sculpture by 1024 Architecture

Category: Design Published on 28 Nov, 2014

Built into the unique architecture of the Darwin ecosystem Project’s green building in Bordeaux, France, Vortex is a light sculpture by Paris-based firm 1024 Architecture. Made from scaffolding, Vortex has a raw wood skin highlighted by 12 lines of LED light and merges organic materials with new technologies.

Nendo designs cover-brella for by | n

Category: Design Published on 20 Nov, 2014

Japanese studio Nendo designed a lightweight folding umbrellas that weigh only 108 grams, thanks to their carbon-fibre frames.

Bluesmart the world’s first smart, connected carry-on suitcase

Category: Design Published on 19 Nov, 2014

GPS tracking and proximity alarms are just two of the tech features that offers the new Bluesmart smart carry-on suitcase.

Van Gogh-Roosegaarde Bicycle Path by Daan Roosegaarde

Category: Design Published on 13 Nov, 2014

Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde has opened the Van Gogh-Roosegaarde Bicycle Path in Nuenen, The Netherlands.

Snøhetta + Magne Furuholmen design latest Braastad XO Contemporary cognac bottle

Category: Design Published on 13 Nov, 2014

Snøhetta, in collaboration with Norwegian musician and artist, Magne Furuholmen, designed the latest Braastad XO Contemporary cognac bottle and packaging.

giftote-bag, Nendo designs a gift wrapping with a second life for by | n

Category: Design Published on 10 Nov, 2014

Japanese studio Nendo has conceived the ‘giftote-bag’, a gift wrapping with a second life: after receiving a gift, the recipient can pass the ribbon through grommets in four places to transform the wrapping into a simple tote bag.

US Dollars re-imagined by Travis Purrington

Category: Design Published on 07 Nov, 2014

As part of his master’s thesis design project at the Basel School of Design in Switzerland, Travis Purrington has re-imagined the American currency.

Nendo designs packaging for shu uemura’s TSUYA skincare products

Category: Design Published on 07 Nov, 2014

Japanese studio Nendo designed cosmetic containers for the new shu uemura’s TSUYA skincare series.

stay-brella by Nendo

Category: Design Published on 04 Nov, 2014

Japanese studio Nendo designed the ‘stay-brella’, an umbrella whose handle makes it not only stable when in use, but able to stand on its own when turned on its handle, hang securely from tables and stay propped up on a wall when not in use.

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