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Giant Birdsnest by OGE CreativeGroup

Category: Design Published on 31 Oct, 2014

Israel-based OGE CreativeGroup have conceived the Giant Birdsnest as a new and inspiring socializing space, the perfect fusion of furniture and playground.

Basket-Container by Nendo + Kanaami-Tsuji

Category: Design Published on 30 Oct, 2014

Japanese studio Nendo has created this basket-container collection in collaboration with Kanaami-Tsuji, a Kyoto-based wire netting firm that preserves the craft’s traditions and develops it for contemporary living and future generations.

Epo Bicycles by Bob Schiller

Category: Design Published on 29 Oct, 2014

In response to many European bicycle firms that outsource their production to countries like Taiwan and China, Dutch designer Bob Schiller has designed the Epo Bicycle that aims to revive the Dutch tradition of bicycles manufacturing and bring production back to the Netherlands.

The Sketch lighting collection by Studio Beam

Category: Design Published on 29 Oct, 2014

Studio Beam’s Sketch lighting collection comprises the yearning for de-clutter from modern noise, pollution and attention deficit disorder into a divine purified experience of pure structural contour.

FES Watch by Takt Project for Fashion Entertainments

Category: Design Published on 24 Oct, 2014

The FES Watch is a revolutionary new watch created using electronic paper for the faceplate and strap.

Nendo-curated exhibition in Singapore unveils Japanese Design

Category: Design Published on 24 Oct, 2014

Japanese design studio Nendo has curated ‘Hidden – Unveiling Japanese Design’ at the National Design Centre in Singapore. Developed around three keywords — “behind,” “inside,” and “before” — the exhibition feature more than 40 products – from glassware, tableware and furniture, to stationery, bags and even packing boxes.

The Sa: The Umbrella Reimagined by Justin Nagelberg and Matthew Waldman

Category: Design Published on 24 Oct, 2014

Justin Nagelberg and Matthew Waldman of design brand Nooka, have conceived The Sa, an innovative geometric umbrella that reimagines structure, form, and aesthetics, with improved efficiency and recyclability.

Epochs collection by WertelOberfell for Panasonic

Category: Design Published on 13 Oct, 2014

Panasonic has recently collaborated with German design firm WertelOberfell to combine their marvelously tiny Lumix DMC-GM1 interchangeable lens camera with 3D-printed custom parts.

Priestmangoode designs New Driverless Tube for London

Category: Design Published on 10 Oct, 2014

London-based design studio Piestmangoode has unveiled the next generation of driverless underground trains for London, which will come in to service from the mid-2020s.

bi-color washi lamp by NENDO

Category: Design Published on 09 Oct, 2014

Japanese studio Nendo has teamed up with Taniguchi Aoya Washi, a traditional Japanese paper company which is famous for their 3-D paper molding technique, to create a lighting collection.

Snøhetta Designs New Banknotes for Norway

Category: Design Published on 09 Oct, 2014

Norway’s central bank has selected the Snøhetta graphics to feature on the back of the country’s new banknotes.

uiliuili bench by Piotr Żuraw

Category: Design Published on 08 Oct, 2014

uiliuili bench, designed by Piotr Żuraw, is a piece of city furniture of an intriguing aesthetic form. Its curious shape encourages unconventional behaviors – on the uiliuili bench users can sit, lie down, stretch, curl up, sit a bit higher, climb and jump.

Stumble Upon Sofa by Alessandro Isola

Category: Design Published on 06 Oct, 2014

Italian designer Alessandro Isola has designed the “Stumble Upon Sofa”, a carpet that transforms into a seating area.

The Royal Mint Unveils the UK’s Smallest Coin

Category: Design Published on 02 Oct, 2014

The Royal Mint introduces the smallest United Kingdom coin ever minted , as part of its 2014 Britannia Gold and Silver Proof Collection.

Ostrich Pillow Mini by Studio Banana Things

Category: Design Published on 01 Oct, 2014

Young designers at Studio Banana Things continue the ‘Napping Revolution’ with yet another cutting-edgedesign which is intriguingly cool, called Ostrich Pillow Mini.

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